Couples Spanish Hamper

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Soto Manrique Bodega wine, choose your favourite wine:

Red: La Viña de ayer Garnacha 2018.

White: La Viña de ayer Albillo Real 2018.

Rose: Narajas Azules 2019.

Semi-cured/Cured goat cheese: Half cheese, aprox. 350g. Semi-cured handmade cheese from freshly pasteurised goat's milk. Pre-draining curd cheese with a buttery and compact texture. It has some notes of butter, toffee, nuts and a hint of goat milk. You can choose your favourite: Natural, Paprika, Smoked or marinated in extra Virgin olive oil.

Jamon 100% Iberico Acorn-fed 100gAcorn-fed Iberico Ham, salted and cured following the traditional techniques in natural curing sheds.
When cut, it has a pinkish colour, with infiltrated and shiny fat, it is its bouquet and flavour that distinguish it as the best. 100% Iberico Ham

Lomo de bellota iberico 100g. Acorn-fed Iberico pork loin, cured in natural wood curing sheds.

Membrillo (Quince) Santa Teresa 150g, following the traditional recipe, the one our grandmothers used to make, Santa Teresa makes authentic quince paste. Completely natural, from selected fresh fruit, with no preservatives or artificial additives, the same flavour as always with all the quality and care you deserve.

Gourmet picos. Bread Sticks 140g.

These products have been made by local producers based in our hometown, Ávila, a medieval city located in the heart of Spain.

How to consume and store our products?

  • For best results, simply open the package at least 30 minutes before you eat.
  • Iberico products can last for up to 2 weeks in your fridge in a container or the original packaging - just make sure you cover them! If you can resist eating it all in one go, let us know! ;)
  • We recommend a fridge temperature of between 4 and 10 degrees Celsius.