Artisan Session IPA with bread

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Our Session IPA is naturally made for hop lovers. Soft notes of citrus and tropical fruits to awaken the senses. Despite its low alcohol content, this beer holds its own in terms of flavour and aroma.

This IPA-style beer (India Pale Ale) has higher levels of bitterness because of its greater use of hops. The style of this beer is a nod to the past, when the English took beer to India in wooden barrels full of hops, which acted as a natural preservative on the long sea journey. Natural and unfiltered, to make the most of its natural features. It has no added sugar. We use only cereal fermentation and cold conditioning to ensure totally natural carbonation and prevent sediment in the bottle.


Session IPA. 


Cerveceria Artesana Raiz Cuadrada


33 cl.


3.7 % ABV


Israel and Hector are the fourth generation of their family to work with cereals in one way or another.

Their father, grandfather and great-grandfather were all bakers in the small town of El Barraco, Avila.

Their family continues to bake real, excellent-quality bread and they are including fresh bread as an ingredient in some of our recipes, as a way to reuse the amazing bread produced every day in our family bakery.

Tasting notes:

Visual: Pale yellow. Although it is unfiltered, several weeks of cold conditioning means this ale has a clear appearance. Medium carbonation creates a line of bubbles around the rim of the glass. A light, pure white head with medium retention.

Olfactory: Light touches of citrus fruit and stone fruit. These aromas can be fully appreciated when the beer is consumed at between 10 and 12°C.

Flavour: The hops add citrus flavours to the finish. A slightly bitter taste with a lighter aftertaste. The short finish will make you eager for your next sip.

Serving and Pairing:

The long-lasting bitterness and notes of citrus and tropical fruits make this ideal with nuts, cream cheese, rice dishes, salads, poultry dishes, sweets and desserts.

Served between 6 to 8 ºC. 


Bronze in "The International Beer Challenge 2020"


Ingredients: Water, barley malt, whole wheat bread, hops and yeast.

Allergens: Contains barley and wheat.