Gourmet Cantabrian Boquerones in vinegar and olive oil

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Gourmet Cantabrian Boquerones in vinegar and olive oil - Boquerones al vinagre en aceite de oliva.

Casa Santoña selects the best fresh anchovies from the cantabrian sea and clean them to remove all possible impurities. Then they give them the right amount of time in a mixture of wine vinegar, lemon and salt and preserve them in olive oil. The result is boquerones loins with a mild flavour and low in salt, with a natural colour and a meaty, delicate texture.

Casa Santoña's Boquerones in vinegar are made using completely traditional methods. The anchovies are frozen for more than 48 hours to eliminate the possibility of anisakis.


Cantabrian sea, Spain.

Net weight:



Anchovies, vinegar, olive oil and salt.

Energy 656 kcal
Fat 3.63 g
   of which saturated 1.57 g
Carbohydrate 1 g
   of which sugar 0.1 g
Protein 30.37 g
Salt 3.8 g 



How to store our product?

Keep refrigerated. Once open consume within 5 days.