Miss Capra Matured goat cheese

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Milk type: 

Pasteurised goat's milk


Quesería Valdecabras, Candeleda, Castile and Leon, Spain.

Net weight:

Ingot (Piece), aprox. 350g

Super Gold in World Cheese Award, made by Begona in Queseria Valdecabras, using goat milk from local shepherds in Tietar valley, next to Gredos mountains, a unique grazing for livestock.
Creamy and melting on the mouth, it has a fruity taste, with a mild acidity, notes of sweet cream and very gentle goat aromas. The aftertaste reminds us of raw hazelnut. Its rind has a fresh smell: mushroom and vegetables that intensifies the flavour of the cheese.
It is a lactic acid cheese with a long coagulation. It has a soft paste, its format is similar to an ingot and its weight is about 350g. Its rind is smooth and thin, with a velvety blue-green colour, the result of the action of the roqueforti mold and the vegetable coal that covers it.
When cut, it has a pearly white colour without eyes and a very fine rim when young; as it matures, the part near the rind becomes softer and ivory coloured and the flavour becomes more intense.

GOLD in World Cheese Award 2021-2022

SUPER GOLD in World Cheese Award 2018-2019


This cheese is made with natural ingredients only.

Pasteurised Goat's Milk, lactic cultures, animal rennet, salt, calcium chloride E-509, vegetable coal and penicilium roqueforti.

Energy 1276.97 kJ / 305 kcal
Fat 25.8 g
   of which saturated 16.9 g
Carbohydrate 3.4 g
   of which sugar 1.85 g
Protein 14.8 g
Salt 1.41 g



How to consume our product?

Open the package and keep it at room temperature for at least 30 min before consumption, so that all its properties can be appreciated.

Once opened, moulds may appear on its coat which is a sign of its natural curing and lack of preservatives or emulsifiers. All product can be eaten, even its coating.

How to store our product?

Keep refrigerated, this wedge is vacuum packed and will have a shelf life of 2 months .

This expire date is set to comply with the current regulations but cheese is a living product so in reality it doesn't expire but evolves into creamy cheese.