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 Jamon 100% Iberico Acorn-fed 100gAcorn-fed Iberico Ham, salted and cured following the traditional techniques in natural curing sheds. When cut, it has a pinkish colour, with infiltrated and shiny fat, it is its bouquet and flavour that distinguish it as the best. 100% Iberico Ham

Lomito Iberico. Dry-cured Iberico head pork loin 400g, cured in natural wood curing sheds. This piece is usually considered the tastiest of the Lomo family. The balance between fat and meat gives this piece a unique taste, try this out and you may not want to try any other iberico again.

Chorizo cular de bellota iberico 400g. Acorn-fed Iberico pork lean, salt, paprika, oregano, garlic and their traditional house spices blend. traditional holm oak smoking and cured in natural wood curing sheds. 

Salchichon cular de bellota iberico 400g. Spanish Iberico white chorizo. Acorn-fed Iberico pork lean, salt, paprika, oregano, garlic and their traditional house spices blend.

Semi-cured paprika goat cheese: Half cheese, aprox. 350g. Semi-cured handmade cheese from freshly pasteurised goat's milk. Pre-draining curd cheese with a buttery and compact texture. It has some notes of butter, toffee, nuts and a hint of goat milk.  Its paprika rind (which you can also eat) gives this cheese an unique smoked taste.

Artisan cured manchego cheese: wedge aprox 250g. Artisan cheese made with 100% Manchega sheep's raw milk. Its rind is brushed and bathed of extra virgin olive oil. This is an artisan cheese cured for more than 6 months, matured slowly, giving the cheese a pleasant and intense aroma with a long presence in the mouth.

Membrillo (Quince) Santa Teresa 150g, following the traditional recipe, the one our grandmothers used to make, Santa Teresa makes authentic quince paste. Completely natural, from selected fresh fruit, with no preservatives or artificial additives, the same flavour as always with all the quality and care you deserve.

La  Arroyuelos 2020, 7 months aged red wine.  Old vineyards from DOP Cebreros-Sierra de Gredos, Avila.

Naranjas Azules 2020, Rose-Blanc de Noir. Old vineyards from DOP Cebreros-Sierra de Gredos, Avila.

Los Llanos de Gredos - Extra virgin olive oil, 500ml. made from olives harvested green in the olive groves of the southern Sierra de Gredos (Avila). 

Pitted Manzanilla Green olives 169g, gets its name “little apple” due to its round spherical shape and it is the most typical green olive in Spanish gastronomy. Our Manzanilla olives have a texture and a fine delicate flavour thanks to the mild brine (low-salt) that “Losada” family uses to allow the true olive flavour to come through.

Cantabrian Anchovies, Anchoas del Cantrabrico 100g Cantabrian Anchovies handmade from carefully selected pieces caught in the Cantabrian Sea.

Gourmet Cantabrian Boquerones in vinegar and olive oil, Boquerones al vinagre en aceite de oliva, 100g, Casa Santoña selects the best fresh anchovies from the cantabrian sea and give them the right amount of time in a mixture of wine vinegar, lemon and salt and preserve them in olive oil. The result is boquerones loins with a mild flavour and low in salt, with a natural colour and a meaty, delicate texture.

Sliced Mojama extra, Air dried tuna loin 100g, Mojama is an Andalucian delicacy; loin of tuna cured in salt for two days it is then washed and left to dry using an authentic natural dryer which is left open to the winds from the Strait of Gibraltar. There are no other ingredients other than salt, time and cool Atlantic breezes that go into the making of this product.

Tuna belly fillets in olvie oil, Ventresca en aceite de oliva 120g,The belly meat of a white Tuna is the most tender, delicate cut of all.

Piquillo peppers, pimiento de piquillo extra 220g, Whole piquillo peppers, these small red peppers are a very mild variety of chili. Grown in Navarra these piquillo peppers are roasted and then peeled by hand. Their flavour is intense, sweet and mildly piquant. Perfect to be paired with a slice of toast bread and our delicious Tuna belly fillets.

Pimenton "Don Pablo" (Paprika) 100g.

Gourmet picos. Bread Sticks 140g.

Artisan Turron de Jijona (Soft turron) 300g, made of Spanish Marcona almonds and orange blossom honey. You cannot imagine Christmas in Spain without a piece of turron as a desert.

Salted Almonds,130g. fried and sprinkled with sea salt and oil.

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How to consume and store our products?

  • For best results, simply open the package at least 30 minutes before you eat.
  • Iberico products can last for up to 2 weeks in your fridge in a container or the original packaging - just make sure you cover them! If you can resist eating it all in one go, let us know! ;)
  • We recommend a fridge temperature of between 4 and 10 degrees Celsius.